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5/12/2009 11:10:00 AM

of movement

Posted by phish

Just because I have been away from this place doesn't mean I haven't been doing. I have. Terribly big things. Part of the evolution process. And I am only getting better. Sharper. Smoother. Shinier. Longer lasting. With extra additives for more power. Home delivered occasionally (on request). With great discounts for early birds.

Now there are a few things that I have been ignoring as well. Littler things. Invisible to the naked eye. Things that require complicated math. And round-shouldered, bald-headed, musty accountants to reprimand you mildly on occasion.

It's the last thing I need to do before I can label myself 'new and improved'. For your collective benefit. And perhaps even, mine.


missalister said...

How exciting! Now, if you do manage the musty math things, will you be coming with a warranty?

Pooja Nair said...

You are steadily treading on the path to happiness. Looks like... Congratulations!!!!

Nothings aplenty said...

Aah thats good then. :)

d.h.roark said...

i loved this one.

Devil Mood said...

So do what you gotta do, Nina Simone said it, I say it. Just do it. ;)

Eve said...

We all do Big things whether we like it or not. It's the little things that we often miss. and you seem to be a master of little things..atleast thats what yr posts often suggest..So are you progressing or regressing?

Gauri Gharpure said...

a post that doesnt sulk or miss after a long long time. welcome back...

det-res said...

And then?

phish said...

missalister - lol. yes. why not?

poojanair - and to think its me. hmmm.

nothingsaplenty - it is. and van only get better. though there are a few others. beyond my control. alas.

roark - thank you. and i am glad.

devilmood - great time to bring in nina simone. currently my theme song is 'old coyote' by the weepies.

eve - progress i am guessing. the regressions are minor and if only, to correct a mistake.

gauri - in a way, i owe it to you to bring me back. thank you.

det-res - and then you visited me and found me following you in silence.