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10/22/2008 03:57:00 PM

me, two

Posted by phish

Someone once told me that man, intrinsically, does not change. The very core of us remains the same. Irrespective of time, environment and experience. So if you were a procrastinating, lazy, run-of-the-mill, average, vanilla advertising writer with no remarkable skill sets, chances are you still are. And will forever remain to be. People don't change that fast.

But the efforts are exemplary. To learn more. To know more. To grow exponentially and without limit. Academically, financially, socially. To seek out and grip that invisible rung that's keeping us from reaching the top and the world beyond it. Every few seconds the auto mechanism kicks in. Tweaking itself a little to adjust, recoil and take yet another frog leap into space. Recording the data of every unsuccessful attempt with absolute precision. Only to repeat them. Over and over again.

Which is why the decision to upgrade myself is not so bad. To quit is harder than I thought. To change altogether, excruciating.

But evolution is a good idea. That's what they all say, anyway.

When in doubt, get Gary Larson. And sure enough. The image is copyrighted. I used it because I am a fan. Not a pirate. Or a scumbag. Though, sometimes I can be both. With utmost efficiency.


Mystique said...

(lazy writer)

Mystique said...

opinion appreciated.

Devil Mood said...

We don't want you to change, Phish but if you can evolve that way, if you can get a bat to work with a ball or whatever that is...we'll be happy for you.

missalister said...

Right. People don’t change that fast, and maybe not that much, but they do change. You’ve probably already added another scoop of vanilla on your way toward adding chocolate sauce, toasted hazelnuts, whipped cream and a cherry. But the relative futility in striving and grasping, the feeling of holding our own selves down with all our mental crap is downright depressing, for sure. This clip from “Waking Life” addresses that. But as you wrote, upgrade is good. It’s our nature to attempt it and maybe even do it. And really, what else have we got to do with our time that’s better?

POOJA NAIR said...

You are intrinsically a wonderfull guy and that happily, will never change.

A lot of peripherals could do some wiht some change though :p - smoking was one of them.

i am no clairvoyant.(so don't trust me) I am just stating the feeling that i get from this post and the last.

Hey! i have named the dish, "chicken triloki" Its a hot favourite amongst my friends/colleagues here! :)

void said...

We reach out because we can. Because somehow we've decided we're too scared to end up having done nothing. I get scared of that all the time.

So what have I gotten for all of that bobbing for apples (or jumping for buns if you're a Takeshi's Castle fan)? Well, depends on how hard I tried really.

So you reach out. You hold on. And you get what you believe you get, whether you perceived it or not.

And MissA, it's an awesome coincidence you post the only scene from the movie that I remember. (Ironically, I was dozing off while watching it.)

POOJA NAIR said...

You have been tagged on my blog...Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Eating eggs, overcooked, black tea with soy milk and black night becoming morning. Does your new kitchen window overlook neon streets? Are you rubbing your eyes and wondering as you look out? Hoping for your voice.

phish said...

i have been unbelievably lazy. and work has yet again taken up a huge amount of energy. i think i need a plan to counter than. for now let me thank and apologize to everyone here for my absolutely rude-ish behaviour.

mystique - you are doing good. sorry havent been able to reply to your mail. i will. do not ignore studies though. in just a few months it will all be over!

devil - oh how i have missed you! but had a virus attack on the laptop as well and then work happened. but the upgrade is on. more on that later. i hope you are well in your part of the universe. i will come and see you soon, virtually.

missalister - trust me i was doing everything wrong. and now that i have decided this is MY time everyone seems a little discomforted. but then again. as i mentioned earlier, the upgrade is on. hopefully i will be able to go through with the whole thing before i collapse. i wish you luck and i will not be lazy anymore. thats a promise.

pooja - hear! hear! finally i get recognition for my recipes. sometimes i miss the people who were fans of my cooking. but i guess we all lose things because of our carelessness. saw the tag btw, and i think its best to leave it alone. (ignore the oxford comma)

void - i agree about the scene! but i just want sleeping. and thanks man for them words.

dharmabum said...

it isn't just a good idea, i think its a great idea!

Scribblers Inc said...

Mr Swordfish/catfish/Phishfish/blahfish,

This is to inform you that your blog has the most awesome name. It creates the most piscean atmosphere for the flocking colonies.SO it is good.

Scribblers Inc.

P.S.-Why do you make the entire clan of "kreative Kommanders" feel like loosers. I see a personal here. :[

Gauri Gharpure said...

Phish, I really hope u r fine and not holed up somehwere at colaba causeway or leopold os such likes.. drop in a line when u can

void said...

This is a horrible time for Bombay. Amidst the global crash, Mumbai's burning. Fuck this shit. Hope you're fine, my man.

phish said...

scribbler's inc - sorry for the delay in acknowledging this, but i guess i was fighting elsewhere. i really think the name was too weird and parochial. but i am reassured now. thanks and keep scribbling.

gauri - i wasn' anywhere close. thanks for the concern. for mybit, i have decidedly kept my blog stress-free. i dont really feel big enough to comment on the tragedy.i wasn't angry. i just felt terribly sad.

void - peace. hopefully this will never happen again.

--Sunrise-- said...

You write well.. :)

Perhaps the best writings come from a lazy, procrastinating soul. :)

I agree with you 100%. Here's to evolution... :)