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1/04/2010 08:15:00 PM wishes?

Posted by phish

Four days into the new year. And things have changed. A lot. More for better than worse. My job is more fun. My mind is clearer. I am fitter and healthier. Heck, I even like someone. And I am addicted to my camera more than ever before (perhaps, that is one of the major reasons for me being away from this place).

My apologies for neglecting this space (and boy, when I ignore something I really do). It's just that I have been very hesitant to put finger to keyboard. So I decided to let things be. Till the right time i.e.

I promise to take out more time. Though I am sure I have lost all my loyal readers by now. And like most things in my life, my fault entirely.

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missalister said...

This is such the treat! I saw murighonto lit up in my feeds list and my heart leapt. I sprang over the several thousands of fiber optic and satellite miles to see what’s going on, and I find good news all the way around. Especially, yes please, if we must work to live on this planet, then let a greater part of that work be fun!

Well, Phish, I so look forward to seeing more here if you do find yourself inclined to it. I love the words that come from you. Always have : )

det said...

One of your loyal readers is right here, right now! :)

Will add you on Flickr. But I do hope you continue to update this space.

Happy New Year and all that jazz!

kimananda said...

That all sounds very promising! Happy New Year indeed.

Goldbug said...

finally. good. happy new year T. and u sound hopeful! good year.

Devil Mood said...

That is good news and it's great to hear from you regardless :)

I can't complain because I've been neglecting both blog and flickr, so I understand but I miss you!!!

Pooja Nair said...

You underestimate your writing skills. Take it from will alwasy be read (despite everything) :P

Happy new year to you!

Here's to new beginings and an appreciation of the past!


Nothings Aplenty said...

many new year wishes :)

also, you're reader-ed, so i'll always read when you post something :)

Gauri Gharpure said...

i thought you had abandoned this space. nice to see you back, and for a change, in a hopeful tone.
wishing you a promising new year

errormsg! said...

Finally phish is back...happy new year :)

Though i do beleive that you stayed away for good reason. Some phenomenal stuff, your flickerrr, your tumblerrr, your kodachrome revisits.

And i dont think you can ever lose readers. Nope.

meanderer said...


Its good to see you back.. have been checking on and off to read whats new on your mind.. Well, all the very best for the new beginnings and keep em coming..!!

Mystique said...

oh my. You blogged!

Eve said...

Finallly a happy post from the individual who is constantly in pain (or like I would say to you on yr face, a pain in the ass often)

But good to see you surface again.