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1/03/2009 10:23:00 AM


Posted by phish

Like every other new year, this too slipped in. Cunningly amidst much fanfare and drunken revelry so that no one would be alert enough to notice the large, rather inconspicuous bag of red days. Days that will start like any other. Days with leaky faucets and elevators that refuse to budge. Days with irate phone calls and the apparent stench of defeat. Days that will suddenly change gears mid-way and present you with the opportunity to change your life forever.

If only you notice.

Trust Mark Stivers to come up with this. Through this New Year I am determined to change a lot of things. A part of my evolution towards Phish 2.0. As a small step, I started with the template of my blog, an experiment that has been received well. The next step is towards being a better listener. Hopefully and completely. Happy New Year. May you find love.

Image courtesy Mark Stivers. He is a very funny cartoonist and a piano tuner from Sacramento, CA. I am a huge fan.


d.h.roark said...

i like the intentions of 2.0. but why such a depressive pic.

missalister said...

Taking the good with the bad… Finally, something realistic :-D

dharmabum said...

i did notice, for a change, as people mostly went off to sleep, leaving me with a pack of cigarettes, and life to think about.

a very happy new year to you, brother.

Anonymous said...

i really dig this new set up. much easier to read (the text). i made a new years resolution to not by coffee in a cafe anymore. i'm going to drink one, leave the house and that's it.
beer? different story ;)

Mystique said...

lovin' the cartoon. happy new year!

Devil Mood said...

I love it - Days that will suddenly change gears mid-way and present you with the opportunity to change your life forever. Brilliant :)

I must say I did like Phish version alpha, but I'm liking the blog template and perhaps I may even like version 2.0 even more. Who knows? You are doing a good job as far as listening goes, I think. Not that you can actually hear me, of course...

POOJA NAIR said...

I think you have great perception skills.

Not all listeners can boast of that you know... :)

But it will be just great if you listened too!

May you have a great 2009!

phish said...

d.h.roark - its real. and i thought let me mix it up a little. i think its funny tho'. its tiresome to be chirpy all the time.

missalister - you bet! but travelling and stumbling across blogs i sense a tremendous sense of optimism. and i am glad that as humans we still believe in good.

dharmabum - i think you will have a super new year. much like all of us here!

chrispito - been a long, long time!!! now i can add you back to my blogroll. and thank you for commenting on the first change. the template. yea!

Mystique - heh. me too! but dont you get too pessimistic. i am old, wrinkled and an ogre. i have a right to feel this way. not you! happy new year!!!

devil - devil. devil. devil. i can't hear you - but i can listen. and i think you will like the change. just you wait and watch!

pooja - why is it that only you can see my strengths and not others? dang!

errormsg! said...

anyone willing to change is a good listener. and vice versa.

and i will look out for the mid-day gear change. only hope it doesnt happen alongside the leaky faucet.

happy new year phish! :D

Anonymous said...

me thinks me likes the new template. still undecided about the template, i.e.

actually. being 2.0 will be interesting. did you know there is a more required to read in a line than in a paragraph to be 2.0? too much to listen. wear filters. lotsa 2.0 noise out there.

and your most precious wish for us -- back at you!


Ashmita said...

Oh.. whats with all the negativity!
All this pessimism, its not ze good for the health.It'll make you all wrinkly and gross.

But yea, new template looks cool.
Looking forward to the new added new stuff!

Oh yea, and Hippy knew ear! :P

det-res said...

:)! Thanks!

POOJA NAIR said...

i see your weakensses too just that i don't elucidate them as much...

by the looks of it you are going to shed those weaknesses fast.. :)

livinginbombay said...

nice one. i like the black humour